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My Personality Traits Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My Personality Traits - Essay Example According to Roberts and Mroczek (2008), â€Å"personality traits are defined as the relatively enduring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another† (p. 31). One strongly believes that it is crucial to spend some time reflecting and assessing one’s personality traits for purposes of noting one’s strengths, and determining one’s weaknesses. However, an assessment should not end only in the aspect of determination. One affirms that after accurate identification of the traits that are considered weak some positive action must be taken to address the noted weaknesses and to eventually transform them into core competencies and advantages. In this regard, after a personal reflection of one’s personality, I deduced that there were evident strengths in exemplifying virtues of honesty, integrity and conformity to rules, policies, as well as adherence to ethical, moral and legal standards. In whatever setting o r situation, I always observe regulations and am very assertive in complying with the explicitly defined rules. This is most applicable in the school setting, in communities, work settings, and in other public or private organizations that one gets the opportunity to be involved with or interact with. For me, giving my word is tantamount to a firm acknowledgement of a promise. I would never make a promise I know I would not be able to keep. I also believe in the ethics of reciprocity or the Golden Rule, as it is more commonly known. This is the reason why I would not like to do injustice to others, as I expect to be respected and be accorded with equality, justice, as well as conformity to good moral conduct and behavior. This, I believe, is crucial to avoid injuries, hurt, pain, and discrimination of any kind. I am very conscientious and I believe that by doing good I would have rendered appropriate service to others, and more importantly, to my creator. Likewise, I have determined that I exhibited above average people skills, meaning, I am compassionate, easy to get along with, gregarious and socially responsible. These traits would be most useful in teambuilding and in working with groups. Although I believe that as an individual, I could excel using the knowledge, skills and abilities gained through education and experience, I still acknowledge that working cohesively with others is beneficial in different scenarios and settings. On the other hand, despite the acknowledgement of these strengths in my personality, I still admit that there are weaknesses which need to be addressed. As emphasized by Roberts & Mroczek (2008), â€Å"personality traits continue to change, even in old age† (p. 32). Thus, one could still work on changing those traits that need to be tranformed for the better. For one, I believe that there is still room for improving ability to discern priorities in life. Since I am a people’s person, there are some instances when I a m in the company of colleagues and friends and I just could not say no to them when they invite me to social events or gatherings. In the process of accommodating them, there were times that I failed to attend to more urgent matters – such as academic projects or the need to spend quality time with one’s family. In addition, another weakness noted was one’

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